Why I'm Buying The New iPad

Let me start by saying the only surprise at today's Apple event was the name. Even though we all knew what was coming long before the announcement, I was still on the fence about it right up until I hit the "place order" button. See, I hate buying Apple's crap every other year. I've talked myself into going with the "every other year" cycle, but it doesn't make me feel any better about spending that kind of cash on something I know won't be worth a thing in a year or two. I hate that that's the direction we're moving. Anyway, here I am, on the fence. I recognize that I'm quickly disagreeing with Apple's marketing strategies, but still love the products they sell. I have an iPad already, the first gen one that I stood in line on easter weekend two years ago to get, long before everyone at the airport had one. I didn't even know what to do with it for the first year. Should I surf with it, no sites were optimized for tablets then. Can't really edit photos. Games weren't the best. Reading's nice, but is this whole iBooks thing going to stick? Though after a year I bought into iBooks, and then magazines, and then surfing. It quickly became my favorite gadget.

So now I have a device I love and use daily. When the second iteration was released a year ago I decided to hold out. I'd just started using it anyway. It was easy at first. There wasn't a lot to envy about the newer version. Sure it was thinner and faster, but that was expected.

I went the year without buying the iPad 2. Of course I wanted screen mirroring over AirPlay. Infinity Blade 2 is worthless on that old processor in my original iPad. My arms just can't hold up the extra bulk after an hour of reading (just kidding?!). I can sell myself on just about anything, but this time I held out. No iPad 2 over here.

Fast forward to today. I woke up this morning and started practicing what I'd tell myself to prevent the inevitable. "Retina, who needs that?" "Of course it's faster and has a better camera, what'd you expect?" "LTE is great if you're never on WiFi, I work in an office for god sakes." I had it all memorized. Ready to spit it out at a moments notice. I watched the entire live blog unimpressed. I really wanted Aperture, not this iPhoto garbage. I refreshed the Apple Store a few times, curious if it was for sale yet.

Then I thought about it some more. I came across Marco Arment's article. I use it to read. A lot. On the original iPad the screen can be miserable. And I love reading on my iPhone's retina display, but its way too small for books and Readability articles. Maybe iPhoto wont be so bad. I don't always need Aperture's level of tweakability at my fingertips. Faster apps and more RAM? Man, do I hate when those tabs in Safari need to reload every time I switch windows.

So yeah, I sold myself on it. I also figured now is the time to buy it. I have a week to cancel my order or sell it. Thanks to iTunes Match, I can get the 16 GB model and I opted out of the LTE. For now I'll keep tethering over 3G... until the iPhone 5.

The only real concern is, will it arrive by the time I leave for Rome, at 5pm on March 16th! Seriously though, I'm worried.