Shoot Hip or Die

Someday these places will be destroyed — by bombs, by cranes, by floods, by history, by all the kinds of things we tend to photograph — and the images will be gone if they’re not also fastened to the world somewhere else. Disks warp, hard drives corrupt, formats change.

I've had thoughts like this off an on for years. Debating what media will truly outlast me. If not a shoebox, what way will the generation I leave behind discover my memories.

Last time I was home, my younger sister stumbled across a box full of photos from my childhood that had long been forgotten. I'm not sure how this emotional process will be recreated by silicone valley. I don't think it can be.

While this quote embodies the idea of physical versus digital, the article itself is about another problem that has bugged me since the advent of quick, artsy filters on iPhone apps that capture mundane everyday life and make it something it's not. I'm surprised this fad has lasted as long as it has.

That doesn't mean I'm not guilt of indulging though.