Bookmarking is one of those things you don't think you need until you need it. You come across a great article or hilarious cat video and want to save it. Since August of last year I've been using to do just that, and I'm recommending you check it out. Archiving apps need to have a good business model and a founder that's dedicated to keeping it running. Nothing more, nothing less. Delicious and other tools that promised to keep track of all the interesting Abraham Lincoln memes you find on the internet have been failing fast thanks to non-lucrative freemium business models and an inconsistent user base.

Enter Pinboard. The developer is a one-man-band. The only thing he cares about more than having the world's worst company twitter account is keeping the whole show running. It's hosted on his own equipment in some far away datacenter and is a no frills operation. If you're looking for fancy layouts you're out of luck.

Aside from saving and organizing all of my links like an OCD maniac, there's also an Archiving feature that will snapshot web pages and save them for your eyes only. If you're afraid an article will get pulled, or a site might not make it too long, this is an incredible feature. Having your very own Web Archive is a lifesaver. This feature does come at a slight price though, costing $24 a year. The first year is subsidized by your initial signup fee.

There's also Pinboard's API. The thing is integrated into just about everything now, including IFTTT. It also has Twitter integration that'll archive all those little snippets of your mind, including any links you've posted. For those of you that are afraid you'll go over you 3,200 tweet limit, this is a good way to keep those old tweets before they get sent into twitters ether. I cound't recommend it if it didn't have a good data portibilty plan either, and it does. You can export your data into HTML, JSON or XML. Whatever tickels your fancy.

You can find my Pinboard profile here. It's $9.93 to join as of today (it goes up based on new user signups) for a lifetime membership.