Reason #38 Why We Pirate

Yesterday I purchased European maps for a Garmin Nuvi 1390T from Garmin’s website. I went direct to the dealer thinking this would be the best way. When given the option, I chose to download it rather than wait for the SD card with the maps loaded to ship. What a mistake this was. Garmin has determined, thanks to pirates illegally downloading their map packs, that paying customers should pull their hair out trying to install this jazz. It’s unreal. Rather than a simple download and install job, like most application on the internet work, the GPS company has decided to leverage an Active X plugin!

The plugin identifies your Garmin from the browser and tries to install the $99 and 2.3 GBs worth of maps you’ve just purchased. The problem is, it doesn’t work. This process is so insanely crazy that I’m not sure how they are legally allowed to sell this product.

So after hours of trying to download it for a user who is leaving for Europe today, I gave up and told her to rent one at Avis. Curious, I searched The Bay for an installer. Sure enough they had one.

I’m not condoning piracy at all, but you can’t help but notice the irony: these companies go through all kinds of stuff to stop piracy, making legitimate customers jump through hoops. These customers then turn to other channels that are more convenient. We’ve seen this a hundred times over from movies to music and  of course software.

p.s. The number in the title is arbitrary. There have been a ton of these types of articles release since SOPA. I just picked a number.