My New Home Screen


 I love the idea of sharing your home screen layout with others. Not only does it give you an inside look of what the person uses their phone for, but it’s a great way to learn about new apps that you might find useful.

There’s a new tumblr site (go figure) people can post their home screens with little blurbs about them. It’s called Swipe the Linen, and I love the concept. I’ve already found myself searching and downloading apps that are on other users phones.

So here’s a little rundown of the apps that you’d find on mine, and why I put them there. Most of these need no explanation.

Tweetbot is the best twitter client out right now for iOS. I can’t tell you how many different clients I’ve bought over the years, but this one is the best.

Fever is my RSS reader. On the web, it’s beautiful, clean and makes reading a bunch of sites a real joy. Unfortunately, this is actually a web clip at the moment, but Reeder is adding support soon.

Instapaper is the best way to read long articles on the go. I tried switching to Readability, but there’s no denying it, Instapaper is better. The iPad app is fantastic as well.

Simplenote is a new addition and made it to the dock already. In the past I used a combo of post-its and Evernote. This didn’t work out all that well. I’d love an app that has native Dropbox syncing, but you can’t win ‘em all.

I’m an app fiend, and this screen is in constant flux. Every time I think I’ve nailed down a solid layout, something new comes around and messes it all up. I’d post the next two pages, but they are a mess of folders and wouldn’t help anyone.

I hope this little trend continues. Reading app reviews is fine, but seeing what people actually use is way better.

p.s. This is what it used to look like.