Most Used Services (Fall 2013)

I'm constantly switching up services. It's part A.D.D., part perfectionist and a whole lotta grass-is-always-greener syndrome.

Here are my five favorites for the season:


I have a information obsession. It's no secret, and I can talk about it comfortably, so we can move on.

Feedbin is my delivery method of choice, and it continues to impress. This month, the Feedbin team release an updated search feature complete with syncing API. The search allows for advanced queries that make saving the searches super powerful. In the lead up to the PS4 debut next month, I have a saved search just for all the PlayStation gaming news I can handle.

If you're an RSS head, or just someone who enjoys staying current, I highly recommend giving Feedbin a try. Oh, and it's open source software.

2. Evernote

Evernote's been around for a while. If you've circled the GTD block, you've probably given it a try once or twice. It makes the list this quarter thanks to an updated Windows version, a fantastic new iOS 7 app and my new found respect for capturing everything under the sun in one place.

3. Plex

Always one of my favorites, Plex is the center of my couch potato universe. It plays anything you can throw at it, and with the new Cloud Sync feature, it's getting smarter by the day.

4. Rdio

As if having ten million songs in my pocket wasn't enough, Rdio recently added a comprehensive stations feature a la Pandora. It works as you'd expect, and helps diversify you collection. I like Rdio so much, I give subscriptions as gifts to family members regularly.

5. FastMail

A new web app for mobile keeps FastMail living up to its name. This is the best Gmail alternative I've come across, and it's packed full of features that no other mail client has. I've been using it for four months now and have yet to have a single complaint.

That's it for this season. All of these services are fantastic, and I highly recommend giving them a try.

*Disclaimer: Some links may be affiliate links that reward me for sharing.