Figuring Out The Online Profile

I've aways had a web presence of some sort. For the most part its existed over a number of sites with no real backbone. Nothing brining them all together. For some this is their Facebook profile, for other Twitter. I never felt any of the social networks did enough for creating a unique self brand. A few years back debuted and seemed like a good service. It offered aggregation of your social streams and some other wiz bang features. Naturally I signed up. It wasn't long until I abandoned it though. In my eyes one of the most important featured of all was nowhere to be found, custom domains. This week I came across It's similar to in a few ways, with one huge difference. offers a premium version that boasts double the layouts, a mobile optimized site and, wouldn't you know it, custom domains. I jumped on it. You can see the center of my online universe at

I've only been playing with it a day or two but a few features really stand out. For starters, there are a ton of services you can choose from to place on your profile. The free version only allows for five services, but for $20 a year the cap is removed and you can have as many as you'd like. Another great feature is the number of fonts. There are 222 fonts available now.

Anyway, if you're looking for an online portfolio, resume, social hub of sorts check it out. I have a free upgraded account code for anyone interested.