Eye Opening Open Letter On Piracy

I also find this all this sort of sad. Many in your generation are willing to pay a little extra to buy “fair trade” coffee that insures the workers that harvested the coffee were paid fairly. Many in your generation will pay a little more to buy clothing and shoes from manufacturers that certify they don’t use sweatshops. Many in your generation pressured Apple to examine working conditions at Foxconn in China. Your generation is largely responsible for the recent cultural changes that has given more equality to same sex couples. On nearly every count your generation is much more ethical and fair than my generation. Except for one thing. Artist rights.
— David Clower

This article really opened my eyes on the music piracy debate. I've acquired my music through alternate channels for as long as I can remember. I've always had a quick response to anyone who criticized the way "my generation" shared music. Every excuse he debunks is one I've used over the years.

I could do without the comparison to looting, because I still strongly believe there is a moral difference between physical and digital goods. And the conspiracy theory stuff about big companies profiting is garbage. Both Google and Apple have channels for selling music legitimately. I highly doubt either one supports the illegal mp3 sites mentioned in the article. Let's be honest, 100% of your bandwidth is not allocated to pirating. These arguments have no traction.

Recently my number one complaint with the music industry focuses around the RIAA, their lobbying/legal entity. Suing "fans" for ungodly sums of money seemingly chosen arbitrarily, claiming damages for sharing songs; supporting SOPA and a broken internet in the hopes that their antiquated business model can continue uninterrupted. The fact that a fraction of the money I spend on an album goes to supporting these wack-jobs is enough to make me think twice.

All that being said, I recently signed myself, along with some family members, up for Rdio paid accounts. I hope they do a better job than Spotify of supporting artists.

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