The Verge is spineless

It's not that the images were particularly bad - they just weren't particularly good.

This is why The Verge makes me so sad. These writers had so much potential and this is what they give us. "The phone was great but..." You can't write an entire review like that, let alone an entire site.

Josh gave the phone a 7. The most medicore score on the 1 to 10 scale. No spine at all. This phone risks quiet a bit, why can't you do the same?

Considered yourself unsubscribed.

Cameras That Look Like Cameras

I have been saying for the last 15 years that there’s no reason for a digital camera to look like a traditional film camera. Marketing departments have demanded that because they knew digital would achieve quicker uptake if the cameras resembled film cameras. We’re past that. The digital v. film war is over. Digital won. There’s no need to make cameras that look like film cameras of old.

I understand how timeless current camera designs are intended to be, but It's refreshing to see someone think outside of the box. I can't think of another camera, aside from maybe Apple's QuickTake 100, that actually looked different.

This article covers Lytro, and the quote is obviously addressing its design. I'm not sure if Lytro will keep this style around, but it'll be interesting to follow a company with no ties to traditional photography, reinventing the art as well as the design.